Let's start

Photo by Ranger Holly

Photo by Ranger Holly

Getting started is where I struggle the most sometimes. Should I? Or no? Yes, or like maybe it’s not a good idea right now, let me just do the dishes and then I will start. Oh, I got a text message, definitely need to check that out before I work on this project. Feed cat, watch reruns, go for walk. And on and on and on, forever.

I decided to start and my hope is that I help people. I hope that someone who needs encouragement or strength or a laugh or an idea somehow finds this random website full of my thoughts and it helps.

The biggest focus for me on this blog is well-being. I have been working on my mental fitness pretty much since the day I was born, but most intensively and with purpose over the past five years or so. I’ve lost track, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s just part of what I do now.

I want to share this with you, beautiful stranger on a bus (cue Joan Osborne), because I think we all have a hard time talking about when we are having a hard time, or figuring out where we are going wrong or why we are going wrong. I love figuring my brain out and I really like to dig into my mental and emotional wounds (hey, we all have 'em) and scrape them out so they can heal properly.

That’s the idea. Please enjoy and thanks for stopping by.